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General design

The NEEL 50 totally frees itself from
the layout plan of existing cruising trimarans.
It innovates by connecting the two wings
with a living platform at cockpit level.

Life aboard is thus like in a loft with a central kitchen,
a saloon with a panoramic view, three double cabins
and two bathrooms.
All the main hull volume is devoted to equipments,
engine, electronic and electric wiring, plumbing,
diesel and water tanks as well as supplies extended stocking.
The large space available in this storeroom of 1,80m high
makes the access easier for all the equipments maintenance
and for optional generator, desalinasator or air-conditioning.
The rigging design is coming from racing trimarans, thus allowing
to obtain cruising speeds twice faster than classical boats.
To facilitate manoeuvering as much as possible, the sails are hoisted
and trimed from inside. Only the genoa is manoeuvered
from the external helm station.
The NEEL 50 offers a new esthetics in naval architecture.
The trimaran proportions allow large roof, interior volume guarantee.
The NEEL 50 is meant to be resolutely innovative
with its uncluttered exterior style, its interior decoration
and its dinghys aft garages.


The NEEL 50 width is an important safety factor
in high seas, bringing much stability.

The PVC foam sandwich construction and the anti-collision partitions
make the NEEL 50 unsinkable The boat is even lighter than water.

The three fins are protecting the hulls, the rudder and the propeler.

The main hull fin enables to land the NEEL 50 on a ramp or a beach.
The two lateral fins then make it stable. The boat thus can sail
in shallow waters for exploring or getting protected in case of bad

Winches and stoppers for manoeuvering the sails are fitted inside,
thus protecting the crew in case of strong wind. Welcomed
also during night navigation.

The NEEL 50 is certified according to EC regulation by ICNN
(Institut de Certification et de Normalisation dans le Nautisme).


The NEEL 50 is resolutely designed for fast cruising, regularly sailing
at more than 10 knots average, thus covering 220 miles per 24 hours.
15 to 20 knots are often reached as soon as the wind strengthen.

The NEEL 50 is set up with the last innovations developed by racing
multihulls, such as square top mainsail, Vectran shrouds and forestay,
reef hooks, genoa stocker, carbon rudder...
Weight distribution is centered, limiting pitching.

The main hull roach facilitates tacking.
On the other hand, the floats shape is tense in order to favour
stability and hull center progress according to the sail loading.

The sail area is wide with 170sqm per ton.
Finally, the trimaran is also fast under power. Indeed,
the main hull prismatic coefficient offers a very low drag.
Moreover, the lateral floats are touching only very lightly
the water surface.

A loft under sail

The NEEL 50 interior design has been thought
according to a very innovative concept.
The 650sqm living space with two meters headroom
is on one level and offers a panoramic view.
Contemporary materials, subtle colors and loft like atmosphere
are the main assets of the interior, designed and created by Jérôme
From the entrance, an island kitchen made of varnished anthracite medium
coexists with a piano for delightful evenings...
In the basement, a ladder leads to the storeroom where food
and equipments are kept.
On both sides, the two oblong main cabins, particularly spacious
(90sqm), have a bathroom. The double beds add an incomparable comfort.

The walls are decorated with velvet fabric in harmonies of beige-chocolate
or anthracite and orange, creating an atmosphere both warm and design.

The floor is covered with a hard-wearing and high-tech polyester weaving
in a charcoal grey color. In the large saloon, the floor is marked with thin
stripes and a color contrast of orange, red and different kinds of grey.
In the forward section, the port dining room is surrounding an uncluttered
table made in the same material than the other furnitures.
On starboard side, the chart table and a watch bench are facing the sea.
The dazzling red seats are emphasizing the floors and walls grey.

Finally, in the front, a few steps lead to a third double cabin
in which a lateral porthole overhangs the sea.

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